Top 10 Figma plugins by Itequia Design

los mejores plugins para Figma

In design and UX, efficiency is essential to achieve high-quality results. Consequently, Figma has emerged as a must-have tool for designers thanks to its real-time collaboration and intuitive user interface. However, what sets Figma apart from other design tools are its plugins. These extensions allow designers to customize their work environment and adapt it with […]

HSL model: What is and how does it differ from RGB or HEX?


What is the HSL color model and how does it differ from RGB or HEX? HSL (Hue, Saturation, and Lightness) is a color model and color representation in web development. It is used to describe and manipulate colors more intuitively and perceptually. This makes it especially useful and versatile in applications that involve the selection […]