Revolutionize your Design: Optimization with Variables in Figma

Optimizando el diseño con variables en Figma

In the digital design universe, efficiency and consistency are crucial elements for creating exceptional user experiences. At Itequia Design, we are always on the lookout for tools and techniques that enhance our workflow and ensure coherence in our projects. Among these techniques, the use of variables in Figma stands out. Figma, a user interface design […]

Top 10 Figma plugins by Itequia Design

los mejores plugins para Figma

In design and UX, efficiency is essential to achieve high-quality results. Consequently, Figma has emerged as a must-have tool for designers thanks to its real-time collaboration and intuitive user interface. However, what sets Figma apart from other design tools are its plugins. These extensions allow designers to customize their work environment and adapt it with […]

Enhancing Figma for developers with the Dev Mode

Figma has become an essential tool for designers around the world, enabling them to create high-quality prototypes and designs in collaboration with teams. However, its value goes beyond the design stage. Thanks to its “Dev Mode” feature, Figma has become an even more powerful and valuable tool for developers and development teams. In this article, […]