Enhancing Figma for developers with the Dev Mode

Figma has become an essential tool for designers around the world, enabling them to create high-quality prototypes and designs in collaboration with teams. However, its value goes beyond the design stage. Thanks to its “Dev Mode” feature, Figma has become an even more powerful and valuable tool for developers and development teams. In this article, […]

Animations in interface design: Find out how to improve the UX


The Importance of Animations in Interface Design When we design interfaces, we have to take into account that users will interact with them, they are not a unidirectional channel. Digital products or services have to give a response to the actions the user takes on them. To achieve a better user experience, it is ideal […]

Data visualization: What it is and how to tell stories with data


What is data visualization? Data visualization is the process of presenting information in graphical or visual form to facilitate understanding, analysis, and communication of patterns, trends, and relationships that exist between data. It is a powerful tool for communicating information effectively, helping users to gain a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the data. When […]

HSL model: What is and how does it differ from RGB or HEX?


What is the HSL color model and how does it differ from RGB or HEX? HSL (Hue, Saturation, and Lightness) is a color model and color representation in web development. It is used to describe and manipulate colors more intuitively and perceptually. This makes it especially useful and versatile in applications that involve the selection […]